About me

Hi everyone,

I’m Saumya Anandakrishnan . I welcome you all to accompany me on my culinary journey . Cooking is my passion.I love cooking for my loved ones and it makes my day to see them enjoying the food that I made with love.

I started cooking at the age of 14.Yes…that’s true.I still remember the first dish that I prepared was “Gulabjamun” and everyone loved it . Not only that, I really enjoyed the whole process of cooking . After that I learned to prepare  parathas , pooris , payasam ..and other sweet dishes . Slowly I developed a strong liking for cooking . I used to watch my mom cooking and always wondered at the ease with which she managed to come up with lip smacking and finger licking novelty dishes. My mom is a great cook and I learned cooking from her.A quality that I admire most in my mom is her selfless devotion for us.She made our childhood awesome with her delicious delicacies.She is the one who inspired me the most.

Regarding my recipes,I have tried to explain each and everything in detail which will definitely help all the cooking newbies out there.And believe me all these recipes are 100% tried and tested in my kitchen.I mostly prepare Traditional Food.There is a reason behind my immense fondness for the Traditional Food . Traditional Foods are passed through generations. In traditional cultures , balancing health with a balanced lifestyle was core belief.They lived in harmony with the environment. Foods , cultivation and cooking methods maximized community health and wellbeing . With methods passed down through generations , cooking processes were utilized that enhanced mineral and nutrient bioavailability.(excerpt taken from an article ,” Eating traditional foods for longevity and overall wellness”,for more information log on to the website  – http://www.naturalnews.com ).This is what made Traditional Foods as healthy, nutrient dense and nourishing as possible.And I believe eating Traditional Foods can definitely promote wellness.

With every recipe I shall try to give you a brief introduction of the culture and the community where they belong to . So after reading this I hope u got an idea of what this blog is all about . To know more about Traditional food and get more and more Traditional recipes(with a tweak), please do follow my website –  https://pamperurtastebuds.wordpress.com .Remember, to stay healthy we need to eat healthy.

                  For queries please contact me @  saumyanair09@yahoo.com

                                      Wishing you all the very best.Happy cooking.